Kunst & Ambiente
Vertriebsbüro Berlin
Kurfürstendamm 190-192
10707 Berlin
+49 - 030-700 159 998
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Creativity and innovative ideas make up the foundation for our work. We
				are a young and dynamic compay with lot's of fantasy and expert artistic
				knowledge and can offer you select living accessories and unique
				decorative items for a noticeably better living ambience... at
				affordable prices for everyone.
Art is a matter of taste.
			That's why we offer you all facets of art you may desire, from
Our bronzes are elaborately manufactured using the lost wax technique.<BR>
			First, a wax model of the finished piece is formed. A casting mold is
			then made by smelting out the wax model leaving a space within the mold
			for the final bronze casting. The casting mold is destroyed when
			removed, so a new cast must be fabricated for every piece.<BR>
			After casting the bronze is reworked, patinated, polished and sealed.<BR>
			The price of each single bonze is estimated by means of these cycles and
			the effort involved. Our bronzes are one-of-a-kind, museum quality,
			works of art, not mass-produced.
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